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It's so tempting to end a trilogy with a bombastic action movie. More characters, more explosions, more scale. Matt Reeves, however, knows all this temptation and makes War and the Planet of the Apes a small and intimate war movie. Even the opening of the film, a spectacular confrontation between one of the last human beings and Caesar's colony, is quite subdued. After three pieces of text that remind us of the story of Rise and Dawn, Reeves switches to an action scene with minimal dialogues and strong visual storytelling. The camera focuses on helmets with texts like "Monkey Killer" or floating above the battlefield. Not for the best glance at some explosion, but to set a certain tone and to portray the battle scenically. There are sounds of cinema visitors who accuse War for The Planet of the Apes of misleading marketing. A glance at the poster and one expects giant armies who take a fight around the earth. Some people are disappointed and the final result is not a true war movie. It depends on your interpretation of the word. Although there are no action scenes of three-quarters, it's a war movie. One that looks into the ethics of a war. It fits in with Caesar, one of the most sympathetic film personages in the past ten years, thanks to Andy Serkis' impressive acting. This time he gets Caesar's chance to be less flawless when he attacks a human army commander mercilessly. Previously, the idealist Caesar wanted to maintain peace and was often forced into action against humans or other monkeys. But now Caesar is out of revenge and he realizes that his intentions are anxiously resembling that of Koba, the aggressive monkey from the previous movie parts. The third film therefore addresses the idea that war is a product of escalation, revenge and emotion. Caesar has to ask himself where the boundary lies between responsible revenge and pointless bloodshed. It may not be the kind of war movie that everyone expects, but it is an appropriate end to the trilogy that throws more on theme than action. It is also quite rare that a trilogy is not under ambition. Instead of an overdose of characters, locations and a wirwar of storylines, we go on a road trip with four monkeys that really have a connection. Extensive dialogues and uneliners usually make sign language and most of the film is based on remote places. The only downside to all that intimacy is that the film is less complex and less versatile than the previous two films. Moreover, humanity does not offer much resistance this time; Only Woody Harrelson's character is pushed forward as a human goal. Although he is a great counterpart for Caesar and his moral issues, as a whole, the third film offers less conflicts between humanity and monkeys. Strange enough, that's exactly the charm of this third part, which does not try to overcome Rise and Dawn, but wants us something new and worth a worthwhile conclusion. War for the Planet of the Apes closely matches the classic films, Caesar gives a strong character bow and has a poetic end to humanity. With amazing acting, beautiful (computer) images, coursework and above all characters with depths. A true war movie, with emotional impact instead of unnecessary explosions. With that, War for the Planet of the Apes is a rare case, the last part in a series of blockbusters with content. Even though the modern Planet of the Apes films are not necessarily undervalued, they deserve more praise in the daily discussion than they receive. Nowadays, Caesar's intense trilogy is complete.

  • Matt Reeves
  • Pierre Boulle
  • Mark Bomback
  • Matt Reeves
themoviedb icon 6.7/10
  • Release Date: 2017-07-11
  • Views: 141
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 140
  • Budget: $152,000,000
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