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The overwhelming approach of director David Leitch, who plunders the entire cd rack with some eighty eyes, gives rise to doubts. Unjustly it turns out. This comic book filming is not forced or pretentious but a delicious rollercoaster ride with an unprecedented cast. What's so nice about Leitch's filming is that it serves an easy-to-understand straightforward story, without fussing too much. Leitch (John Wick's co-director) actually only suffers from the many similar productions that are lost in exaggerated plot lines or unbelievably cool characters. Atomic Blonde sends out a handful of this and is in a hurry with those expectations that do not redeem the thank god. Broughton is a ruthless agent of the UK secret service MI6. She has a hairstyle that drips from hydrogen peroxide and takes place regularly in a bath with ice cubes. In addition, she is quite adept at fighting art and thus seals a horde of belagers effortlessly. Her mission is simple: make sure you get a good laundry list with secret agents of the Soviet Union. The list is stored in a wristwatch. The story is cast in a window story where Broughton is being interviewed by her boss of MI6 and the CIA. It will be activated as soon as an agent in Berlin in an attempt to make the watch make a living late. Broughton travels to the German capital where the Wall is about to be overthrown. Broughton's task is Percival, a hard-to-see colleague who is stationed in Berlin. For his first feature film as solo director, Leitch has started with Sam Hart's graphic novel "The Coldest City". This has paid in particular in beautiful gray pictures and swirling action scenes. Atomic Blonde is almost complete in the last days of 1989 when the Cold War was in Berlin. Through news and protests on the streets between which Broughton has to cope with her job, we get a beautiful time frame. The beautiful is that scenarios Kurt Johnstad, among others responsible for the second 300, adds a selection of fellow figures of all kinds of nationalities, without immediately losing them to the background. Double scrolls of characters, the Russians, the Stasi; It all adds, without Johnstad and Leitch making the business unnecessarily complicated. At all times, it is always fun, raw and raw. By far the most impressive moment is a Broughton rescue from a building where the two not only rob a whole herd of Russians, but also try to flee by car. The scene is almost completely rotated in one task and with many practical effects, which demonstrates smart planning and old-fashioned craftsmanship. Star of the show is Charlize Theron, who again shows her a versatile actress who is her male in a male world. Because her character is so powerful and assertive, you take clichés like attackers who make themselves neat one by one easy for sweethearts. As its first weapon, Atomic Blonde is an impressive performance of Leitch, where entertainment is first and foremost, not too complicated without getting ridiculously simple. Leitch has managed to revive the spy genre from the Cold War era. The triple plot twist in the epilogue is a bit grim but forgiving him.

  • David Leitch
  • Kurt Johnstad
  • Todd Harris
  • Antony Johnston
themoviedb icon 5.5/10
  • Release Date: 2017-07-26
  • Views: 144
  • Country: DE, HU, GB
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 115
  • Budget: $30,000,000
  • Revenue: $45,825,305

Charlize Theron

Lorraine Broughton

James McAvoy

David Percival

Sofia Boutella

Delphine Lasalle

John Goodman

Emmett Kurzfeld

Toby Jones

Eric Gray

Eddie Marsan


James Faulkner

Chief 'C'

Roland Møller

Aleksander Bremovych

Til Schweiger


Attila Árpa

East German Guard #1
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